About Us

We are Heinz and Helen(e) from Europe.
After more than 10 years of adventures and lots of experiences, we would call ourselves locals in our new home, Kanab.

Surrounded by red rocks it is the perfect starting point to explore the wonders of the southwest with us. We love the nature around our new home as well as this wonderful town we use as a basecamp for any adventures of which we still explore more every day and therefore would like to share with our guest.

You might ask why did we decided doing this?

There is an answer to that: During our travels in the last years we realized that we just want to have a relaxed vacation and enjoy the wonders – without any worries and best of all without spending a lot of time in the very extensive planning of an adventure.

We also wanted to see more than just the tourist highlights, but for many different reasons (for example we didn’t have the right equipment or we didn’t feel good exploring it on our own mainly for safety reason) it often felt far too risky for us.

Most of the times we couldn’t find anybody providing all we wanted to see to us. Therefore, we want our customers to get exactly that by offering more than a regular package tour can. Completely individual and yet with everything you can get from a travel agency. Carefree, all-inclusive, individual trips.

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